Over 33 years Chiropractic Experience
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Over 33 years Chiropractic Experience

We help promote health by providing chiropractic therapy, exercise, diet and lifestyle counseling for treatment of pediatric and adult back pain, neural, muscular and skeletal conditions involving the spine and extremities. Our chiropractic office is conveniently located at 9th Avenue and The Esplanade in central Chico. In most cases you can see the chiropractor the same day!    

Thompson drop table adjustment
Chiropractic  therapy


Dr. Gene Kemper performs a gentle chiropractic adjustment using a Thompson drop table.

Adjunctive Therapy

Dr Joyce Matro uses ultrasound as an adjunctive therapy to the chiropractic adjustment. Other therapies include electrical  muscle stimulation, massage and therapeutic exercise.




1881 The Esplanade Ste. B Chico, CA 95926 tel 530-894-0234

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